Friday 12 August 2022


<<                    In Tenebris                    >>
Acrylic and Oil 
On Three Canvas Panels
Each 91.5 x 71 cm, 36 x 28 Inches





But my bereavement-pain

It cannot bring again:

Twice no one dies.


Flower-petals flee;

But, since it once hath been,

No more that severing scene

Can harrow me.


Birds faint in dread:

I shall not lose old strength

In the lone frost’s black length:

Strength long since fled!


Leaves freeze to dun;

But friends can not turn cold

This season as of old

For him with none.


Tempests may scath;

But love can not make smart

Again this year his heart

Who no heart hath.


Black is night’s cope;

But death will not appal

One who, past doubtings all,

Waits in unhope.

Thomas Hardy